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30 Day yoga challenge

So January is here...and sometimes we need a little help with new year motivation. I have put together a 30 day yoga challenge for all of my lovely yogis in class and really hoping they like it. I've tried to make it as accessible as possible, so it is simply a few sun salutations followed by one posture a day. They will each receive the calendar with the postures, and a little bracelet to remind them to do their posture each day, and then finally, access to a video for each posture...

The Yoga Challenge Calendar: A little stick man each day, and a bracelet to remind them to do their daily posture

Im posting all the videos on my blog as it seems the easiest way for my class to access them...I worry daily emails with a 5 minute video would destroy inboxes!

This first video is the recap on your sun salutations and cat-cow.

Posture 1 - downdog

posture 2 - padangustasana

posture 3 - Trikonasana

Posture 4 - Trikonasana

Posture 5 - sphinx / cobra

Posture 6 - Purvottanasana

So tomorrow is day 7 which is when you put together all the 6 poses into a little flow. So I will update this in two days with your next posture. Week One DONE! Have fun x



Posture 7 - High Plank (sorry about the sound on this one)

posture 8 - parsvakonasana

Posture 9 - Malasana (I have a poorly 3 year old who just wants to be near mummy at the moment - I can only apologise for the graceful way he wipes his nose halfway through this video...I had no idea until I'd posted it ! x)

Posture 10 - Badakonasana

Posture 11 - Upavista Konasana

Posture 12 - dhanurasana/bow

Enjoy putting this weeks poses into a little flow tomorrow and I'll be back to add posture 13 in a couple of days xx



Posture 13: Chaturanga (With Tiggy and Stella joining us!)

Posture 14: Padottanasana A. B. C & D

Posture 15: skandasana / side lunge

Posture 16: Warrior I - sorry about Chester barking...I think it was the poor postman getting a welcome woof!

posture 17 _ Warrior II

posture 18 - JanuSirsasana A & B


ITS YOUR FINAL WEEK!! Congratulations!

Posture 19 - Utthita Hasta the snow :)

Posture 20 - Utkatasana. I rushed through this one a little as I could hear the children screaming downstairs

Posture 21 - Tree pose (I got muddled with posture numbers, so this is posture 21 despite me calling it posture 20 in the video !)

Posture 22 - Gomukasana...its a long one, sorry!

Posture 23 - Navasana...almost there!

Posture 24 - Your last one! CONGRATULATIONS! It has been a pleasure doing this with you guys, I hope you've all found it useful.

Enjoy putting the 24 poses together into a little flow and I'll catch up with you this week in class xxx